My Reviews:


Basic Information


My Expectations& My thoughts

(Possibly a favorite quote, book trailer, exc)

Author Information

My reviews are my opinions & I do not review books I do not finish.

I receive nothing in return for my reviews.

Quotes are taken directly from books.

Synopsis and pictures are taken from GoodReads or B&N.

Artwork on my blog is copyrighted. Do not use for any purposes.

My Rating System:

1- DNF- Did not finish/Not for me. (Will not be reviewed but I will explain why not in Goodreads)

2- It was okay, I still wouldn’t say this book was for me

3- Pretty good, I enjoyed it but there were some flaws.

4- I really enjoyed it, I’m sure I’ll be recommending it.

5- I would read it again. It’s not often I give out 5’s because I don’t re-read books often.


Authors & Publishers

If you have a book you would like me to review or promote please contact me.

I would love to do author interviews, guest posts, and giveaways!

I can be emailed at:

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