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Let’s talk friends…


As readers, we love talking about books we love right? Of course. So naturally, I shared a book series with my best friend years ago when I read it. She of course loved it, I knew she would. We have very similar tastes in books, which comes in handy when looking for a book recommendation. Well, I have another friend who I recommended the same book to, she didn’t find it as exciting as I or my friend had. Has this ever happened to you? I felt the need to argue for the book, now I do know that not everyone will like a book but wow I was shocked. I had never had it happen to me personally. Is it as big a letdown to you when you recommend a book and the reader doesn’t like it?

News & Things to come


GoodReads Challenge: I want to read 25 books this year, so far I have finished 8. I think I am off to a good start so far, considering starting college.

10,000 pages in 2012:So far I’ve only read 2,415 pages. Not bad, seeing as it’s only March. I do plan on reading Game of Thrones and a couple other big books so that number should jump higher considerably.

2012 Reading Challange: My goal was to read 10 books that have been sitting on my shelf or released 2011 or earlier. So far I’ve only read 4 out of that 10. Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann, Going to far by Jennifer Echols, Deeper than Midnight by Lara Adrian (ADULT), and Wither by Lauren Destefano.

Reviews to come: Wither by Lauren Destefano, Zero by Tom Leveen, and Cross my Heart by Sasha Gould.

Currently Reading: Skinned by Robin Wasserman

Vlogs to Come: IMM & Huge Wrap Up