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Top 10 Book Covers in 2011

Hello and Welcome to Day two in Looking Back! Today is Top 10 Book Covers in 2011. There are tons of books published this year and ironically the books that I chose with the best covers…I have not read. But most of them I plan to read. I am saying in advance that I tend to be a bit picky when it comes to book covers. I need something either simple or extraordinary for me to remember it. Since I can only choose 10 covers, I’m most likely going to nit pick them and I’m sorry. These are my opinions on what my favorite book covers are for 2011. 
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 These are in no particular order.
 I think that Little White Lies is simple and gets the point across. Eden is awesome, the eye is so pretty and extraordinary that I remember it more than just a pretty colored eye. Numbers 3 is really cool and I love the colors in it and it’s a nifty way to say what it wants to say and be done. I really like these three.
I’m going to count these three as one, since it’s a series. I think that they are beautiful, and I remember them, even though I haven’t read them. I want to read them. They are simple and I like that the series is connected with covers because it bothers me when one cover is not really relevant to the second. I give two thumbs up to these covers. (Sorry the middle one is slightly a different color I could not find one that was perfectly blue.)

I like Ember because I am a sucker for butterflies and I love that it’s a black and white photo but the butterfly is the main point in the picture. I normally don’t like alot of covers with full bodied people on them but I like that she really fades away towards the bottom and the point of what the book is about is clear. XVI is a neat cover, like the Numbers cover but the numbers cover was more bright and this cover she is alittle dull, but I still like the concept of the cover.

Again Crushed Seraphim is incredibly simple but I love the feather and again with the pretty text. As I wake is again a black and white theme with orange as the highlighted color. I like that the hair turns to smoke at the top and you can see the tension in her shoulders and I just like this cover. Ashes is incredibly creepy and I feel like it is staring into my soul. Haha I like that is somewhat over and around the title.

Thanks for reading and remember all week there will be posts so be sure to check them all out! And comment with your favorite 2011 covers.