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Currently Reading


Hello my lovely readers!

I know it has been a long time but I am here to say that I am back!

I will be working on reading and hopefully having reviews and fun things up on the blog soon!

Game of Thrones

Really enjoying this so far. I’ve already seen the first two seasons of the tv series now but I’m really enjoying comparing the book to the series.

Adapting Eden

This is moving along alright. There were some grammatical errors in the first few chapters but nothing too serious.




I just wanted to say I am sorry for the lack of posting on the blog the past couple of weeks and for the halt in the blog event. I have had a family emergency and was unable to focus on the blog. I plan to go back and fill in the posts I missed and try to catch up in my plans. Hope you all understand and that everyone had a good holiday and new year.

I’ll be blogging soon.

Bunny ❤

News and Things to Come!


GoodReads Challenge: I want to read 25 books this year, so far I have finished 15. I hope i can finish all 25 but I won’t be too upset if I don’t. College has consumed my life, but I’m working on editing and updating the blog.

10,000 pages in 2012:So far I’ve only read 4,567 pages. I’m a bit surprised that this number is so low but what can you do?

Reviews to come: Before I die, Vampire Academy, The forest of hands and teeth, Impossible, and Hush.

Currently Reading: Blink Once, and Bullet.

My 100th post on my blog!

I just wanted to update on what all was being worked on.

I am working on getting the information for my feature’s up, and I have updated the review list.

Currently Reading!


So I haven’t posted in awhile with what I’ve been reading or how I’ve been liking the books. So I thought I would talk about it for a bit today. If you’ve been stalking my goodreads you will know that I am “currently reading” 12 books. I know this is a crazy number but some of the books I have put on hold or hiatus or whatever you would like to call it. And about five of them I am actually “currently reading.”

But I would like to discuss 3 in particular that have really been holding my attention lately. The first is Blink Once, I started this very recently and I like how it’s started. I hadn’t read the synopsis in awhile so I almost started the book blind in a way. Sometimes I like to start a book knowing nothing about it. It can be surprising and I like to be surprised in a book. It’s a totally different experience to read a book when you know next to nothing about it. So far I’m enjoying it and can’t wait to get farther into it.

The second book is Random Magic. And it is that, random and full of magic. I find myself laughing and tilting my head countless times since starting the book. So many different characters and things going on in the book. I also find myself wanting to munch on something. That may be partly due to the fact that food is mentioned every now and then in the book. This book really is quite an adventure.


And lastly for today I would like to mention Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton. I know, I know. Alot of people have given up on the series by now, actually alot of people gave up awhile ago. But I keep getting sucked back into the story and the characters. I normally will read 3 or 4 in the series back to back and then I will take a break and read something else. I think that is why I’m still in it with this series. I love the writing, while some of the books storylines could have been a bit better. I keep coming back to all the magical-ness that is in the Anita Blake series. I can’t help but need to get my Anita Blake fix.

I’m Back!


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I am back. Hopefully I can get back into posting alot like I did when I first started my blog. My blog is coming up on a year soon. Which is really exciting, I can’t believe I have had a blog for a year. I plan to have a bunch of new features and things for the blog. I will also be working on reviews and also video’s for my YouTube account. If you have any questions or comments or just want to chat. I can be found here, Youtube, Twitter,and Goodreads. Don’t be shy & Hopefully some new posts soon.

Unknown Hiatus.


I am going on Hiatus for an unknown amount of time. Summer is almost over and I did not get all the things I wanted to get done, well done. I do plan to continue the blog just not at this time. I have been in a reading funk and would like to get out of it. I don’t want to have to worry about “deadlines” and having to finish and get a review up in a certain time. I just want to read. I will be working on reviews while I’m away, and working on things for the blog. When I come back I will have reviews and features up and the blog will be better than ever. Hope you understand, life comes first, blog second.


I’m always up for chatting and recommendations. I can always be contacted through Goodreads. (I check it regularly) See you in the future. =]

Loooove, Bunny.

Update & Discussion.


Sorry for another week of not posting, big projects due for college and my dad’s birthday. Been working on a big paper about Banned Books & Censorship. Hence the neglect that has been going on here on the blog. I promise over the summer will be better.


So…who went to see the Hunger Games Movie?

Everyone right? Well…haven’t seen it yet. I know! I’m an awful blogger. I want to see it so bad! I will though. Share yours or your favorite reaction post or video? Comment with it below. I also plan to do a review of the movie like I did with Breaking Dawn Part 1, once I see it of course.


Anyone hear about J.K Rowling’s new novel? Who’s excited? Not sure if I’ll read it till after it’s out for awhile. Let the hype die down. If that’s even possible. I’m surprised that she is writing another novel to be honest. That’s a lot of pressure to be under. I’m interested to see how it all plays out.


News & Things to come


GoodReads Challenge: I want to read 25 books this year, so far I have finished 8. I think I am off to a good start so far, considering starting college.

10,000 pages in 2012:So far I’ve only read 2,415 pages. Not bad, seeing as it’s only March. I do plan on reading Game of Thrones and a couple other big books so that number should jump higher considerably.

2012 Reading Challange: My goal was to read 10 books that have been sitting on my shelf or released 2011 or earlier. So far I’ve only read 4 out of that 10. Cryer’s Cross by Lisa McMann, Going to far by Jennifer Echols, Deeper than Midnight by Lara Adrian (ADULT), and Wither by Lauren Destefano.

Reviews to come: Wither by Lauren Destefano, Zero by Tom Leveen, and Cross my Heart by Sasha Gould.

Currently Reading: Skinned by Robin Wasserman

Vlogs to Come: IMM & Huge Wrap Up

Hiatus – Unknown Length of Time.


I am sad to say that I will be on a hiatus for an unknown length of time. I will still upload reviews once I finish books, both on here and on GoodReads. Although I won’t have book news and things that I have planned will not happen until later. I am sorry, College is my main priority and I have to get things taken care of before I can blog more. I will plan posts for when I get back and the blog design will be worked on as well.

You can still follow my twitter (I don’t update as often as I should) but I will be most available through GoodReads. (I check everyday.) I’m always up to chat, so feel free to comment or message me.

Maybe once I get farther into this semester I can get a better feel for how my schedule will be laid out.

Thanks, Bunny.