25 Day of Blogging – #18


Banner-25DaysHappy Tuesday you guys! & Today is the 18th day of my 25 days of blogging. If you couldn’t already tell…Anyway, today I will be talking about the Hobbit Movie.


WOW! I really enjoyed the movie. Sadly…I did not get the time to read the book before the movie but I still plan to read it. I heard that the Hobbit will be made into three movies? Is this true? Really?! Three…is that really necessary? I mean the first movie was more than two hours and the hobbit book is only 300 pages. I think it’s a bit much. I’m sure I will enjoy them all but I feel like now-a-days they just want to break everything apart. There are no “original” movies they are all adaptions. Not that I’m complaining about that I enjoy a good adaption as much as the next person but it’s a bit overwhelming sometimes. I’m a slow reader and I prefer to read a book before the movie so….I have to keep up with whatever is “trending”. Something, personally I prefer not to do. I know, I’m such a rebel.


Moving on from my rant. I did enjoy the movie and it was nice to see how it all started. I enjoyed seeing Gandalf again and of course the elves. (my favorite) I can not wait to see the next movie….another movie/series I need to wait for…great!


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