25 Days of Blogging – #13


Banner-25DaysDay 13! December is just flying by!

25 Days of Blogging – Day #13

Books that make you cry

  • Before I die by Jenny Downham

Obviously a touchy subject. This book really got to me. Growing up myself with many hospital visits. But being told that you are going to die is life changing. Incredibly sad book but happy in a way in the end.

  • Crash Into Me by Albert Boris

A book about a suicidal road trip. I’m pretty sure that by reading the synopsis you can tell that there is going to be an emotional roller coaster throughout the book. And it was, but I enjoyed the book.

  • Meant to be by Melody Carlson

Um oh my god with everyone dying! Super sad.

  • Immortal Rules

I can’t talk about this too much without giving away things but if you have read this then you understand what scene I’m talking about. I just ah! It was sad.

  • So B It by Sarah Weeks

Um…again with a touchy subject. But I liked it. I have remembered this book and I read it more than two years ago.


I’m sure there are other books that I’ve been strong emotions for but these are ones that really stuck with me for awhile.





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