25 Days of Blogging – Day #11



     Welcome back to another day of 25 days of blogging! Still going, so it’s finals week and people are feeling the pressure and are anxious to go home for the holidays. As, am I. I must say I am extremely looking forward to this year’s festivities. Makes me think. Does required reading change someone’s outlook on a book? I think it does. Normally because when you are forced to do something or feel like it’s a chore it doesn’t get the same perspective as when you read it for your own personal enjoyment. You know?

Now, everyone has been made to read something for school or over the summer. Have you ever enjoyed something that you’ve been forced to read? Or been happy that a certain book was one of the required readings for that semester/year? Sometimes this happens to me. Although, it’s not as often as I would like. I still love reading and think that everyone should read but I feel like English classes sort of ruin it for those that don’t enjoy reading if you are trying to convince them that reading can be enjoyable. And in English class when you read a book you really dissect it and try to find out the deeper meaning, yada, yada, yada. BORING. But sometimes treasures can be found. Classics are born. Who knows? Next time you are forced to read a book, start it with an open mind.


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