25 Days of Blogging – Day #2


Welcome to day two! People read in many different places, all over the world. What are your favorite places?

Day #2 – Favorite places to Read

  • The Beach

Why? Because it’s normally warm outside, I can tan if I want and if not there is an umbrella. I can normally tune out background noise and especially if it’s a good book I do. I love the waves, it’s very calming. I normally don’t read “beach reads” when I’m at the beach. The books I normally end up reading are paranormal, horror, exc. Kind of the opposite but it works for me. Definitely the number one place for me.

  • In my Bed

I love snuggling in all my blankets and being consumed in a good book. There’s just something comforting and homey about being in bed. No matter what genre I can always read it in bed.

  • In the Car

As I said, I can tune out music and reading in the car makes the distance feel shorter. Which, sometimes can be a good thing. Most of the people I know that read can’t read in the car: They get distracted, car sick, tired, exc. Thankfully I can.


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