For the Love of YA!



Why do I love YA? For me it’s an escape from reality. You get to live through someone else’s life. Experience things that aren’t even necessarily possible. Learn new things, in a way make new friends, and have fictional crushes.

Growing up I had a lot of doctor’s appointments, doctors telling me I can’t do this and I can’t do that. Reading made it so I could do anything! Reading is something I’ve done for as long as I can remember and something I will continue to do until the day I’m no longer here.  I’ve always had a book or two with me or around so that I could pick it up and continue where I left off. May be why I can read so many books at one time.

Who knows?  I had imaginary friends and always had a large imagination. In a way reading is someone else’s imagination. It’s fascinating to see where other people go in their minds.

YA is an almost never-ending genre. There is something for almost everyone. Contemporary, Romance-ish, Paranormal, Thriller, Exc.

I love many different genre, and authors. Some of my favorite things to read would be paranormal, re-telling’s, mythology based, and books that pull on your heart strings. I love a book that can really make me feel for the character or feel for the situation. So in a way…I guess you would say sad books or books with extremely emotional scenes. I love love love happy endings. I am a girl especially at heart. So I always love a good fairy tale.

YA is something most people cling to. Most everyone wants to stay a kid or prolong their teenage years. Why not do that through reading?

Why do you love YA? Feel free to share in the comments. I’d love to hear your opinions.

Beth Revis is hosting this giveaway. An epic giveaway at that. I love the concept of sharing the Love of YA. I would be interested to see what some people answer. Many wonderful books up for grabs. Congrats to whoever wins!


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