Book Trailers!


Born Wicked is now out!

Lies Beneath’s Release date is 6/12/2012

Pretty Crooked’s Release date is 3/13/2012

What did you think of the trailers?

Which is your favorite?

Do you plan on reading any of them?


2 responses »

  1. I’m not always a huge fan of book trailers. Sadly, I think they sometimes have the tendency to detract from the imagination of the stories. However, these were very well written and actually made me want to read the books even more than before.

    I know I’ll definitely have to check out Pretty Crooked and Lies Beneath. They were certainly the trailers that impressed me the most. =)

    • Yes, I agree. I like book trailers if they are done well. Especially the book trailer for Maze Runner it helped alot more than it hurt that book. Lies Beneath looks good. I didn’t really know what it was about until I saw the trailer and it looks really good now. I’ve heard that Pretty Crooked is cute and funny. I might check it out….if my TBR ever lessens. Haha not likely anytime soon.

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