Top 10 Characters of 2011


Almost done with Looking Back. I’m sad to say but excited for 2012. Today we are discussing our Top 10 Characters of 2011. I am choosing my Top 10 from the books I’ve read this year. Sorry it isn’t varied but I wasn’t blogging the beginning of this year so I just read for fun and I was finishing up some series.

  1. Rose Hathaway – Vampire Academy
  2. Anita Blake – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (Adult)
  3. Katniss Everdeen – Hunger Games
  4. Ron Weasley – Harry Potter
  5. Cinna – Hunger Games
  6. Hagrid – Harry Potter
  7. Nathaniel – Anita Blake Vampire hunter (Adult)
  8. Shauna – Kiss (Adult / I think)
  9. Dimitri Belikov – Vampire Academy
  10. Jean Claude – Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (Adult)

1. Rose, I loved Rose. She is a kick ass heroine and the storyline is amazing. She never let anyone push her around and her relationships were so intense.

2. Anita. Another who NEVER lets anyone kick her around. She can do so many things and has so many relationships that I am so glad that I am not her, I would probably go crazy. Along with what she puts up from the other Feds and Cops from various cities.

3. Katniss, Another one I would not trade with. She put up with so much from the capital it’s not even funny. She put herself in danger for her sister and that is so sweet. Loved her in the Hunger Games. ( Don’t know about you, but I’m extremely excited for the movie)

4. Ron. Who can’t love Ron? His super cute accent, and he’s such a good friend to Harry. Also, love his bantering with Hermione.

5. Cinna, I just love Cinna and his confidence in Katniss. He is such a wonderful side character.

6. Hagrid, he is so big! I just want to hug him. He is always there for Harry and the gang. I love how he talks  as well.

7. Nathaniel, is such a complex character. I love how Anita is opening up to him and he is growing and I just love how he is described in the books.

8. Shauna, in Kiss was awesome. I loved reading about her trying to find herself. She was strong even though her mind was weak.

9. Dimitri, Love him! He tried to resist and in the end gave in. And the relationship between him and Rose is amazing. To go to such lengths to be with each other. Just so cute.

10. Jean Claude, is such a bad ass vampire. He’s french, and always finding ways to mess with Anita. I love when he calls her Ma Petite. Just love his character. There is so much I would have to explain so I’m going to stop. But he’s amazing.

Tomorrow is the final day for Looking Back. We will be talking about books we are looking forward to in 2012. Are you all excited?! I can’t believe that 2011 is over!
Who are your top 10 Characters? Do you disagree with mine?


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