Book Buying Ban


 So…you may have seen from other vloggers or bloggers that they are doing book buying bans.
Basically for those who have a problem with buying too many books, they go on a ban and they have to read x amount of books before the are allowed to buy 1 more book.

The number I am choosing is 5. So, every 5 books that I read on my bookshelf, I am allowed to buy 1 new one. This will be really hard. (I know alot of people say 10 books but I am an extremely slow reader) I think I can do it. Actually I am being forced to do it, as my mom has pretty much given me an ultimatum or intervention if you will.

It isn’t really all bad. (I will miss buying books & I’m sure my TBR Pile will expand during this time.) I really do need to work on reading the books I actually own. Then I can move the books I’ve already read and love and am keeping back up to my bookshelf and out from under my bed and put where they belong.

What do you think of book buying bans?
Are you participating?


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