Blast from the Past


So before I get started here is a link to what I will mainly be talking about. And, please excuse my random, fangirl-y post.

I was searching through B&N at 2012 releases, and working on upcoming blog posts for December. I had planned to do a “Blast from the Past” post on books I read when I was younger and whatnot, when I came across the book Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later, and I had to post it now.

Woah! My mind is blown. I read the SVH books years ago, when my aunt gave them to me to read since she was long done with them. (sadly I don’t still own them.) I really want to read it, yet I’m worried that “Ten Years Later” will ruin what I thought of the original books.

Am I the only one who has read any/all of these books?

What are books that you read when you were younger?


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  1. I had a friend that was into them, but we had this weird competition thing, similar to Team Edward and Team Jacob, except it was SVH vs Babysitter's Club. I swear I had the entire BSC set, even the Little Sister series. I was also really into Nancy Drew, Trixie Beldan, and Archie comics! Collecting all of them made me feel really happy. 😛 I still have all mine in the attic. :)I read a bit of SVH but a lot of the time I didn't know what was going on because I didn't start at the beginning.~Crystal @ Vanilla Hearts

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