Cracked Spines


How do you feel about cracked spines? I’ve heard mixed opinions. For those who share their books with all the their friends. They usually don’t mind cracked spines and almost expect them. (Or they have separate copies specifically for friends) But I think that if you let a friend borrow a book and you want it back in the condition it was given to them in. You should specifically tell them that…and if they don’t already know what you are like with books then maybe you should direct them to the local bookstore or library if that is the way that they treat books. (Not that some people don’t like cracked spines, some people see it as they love the books.)

Don’t get me wrong I love sharing my love for books. But no, I don’t share my books with everyone. I do recommend tons of books, and tell them where they can buy or borrow them. I personally am picky about the condition of my books and normally if they get messed up I will replace them if they are a book/series I plan on keeping. But then again, I tend to be OCD about certain things. what are your opinions? Do you let anyone and everyone borrow your books?
Are you picky about the condition of your books? And do you read hardbacks with the sleevejackets?


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