New, Used, or Borrowed?


So I was going through alot of my Subscribed blogs posts and I was thinking. Most people buy or borrow books. I know most people prefer to buy their books because of the new book smell and just the feel of the books, exc. But I want to know which do you have the most of?

I personally, have a lot of used books. I get books from consignment stores and I get a ton of books from paperback swap. When I buy books usually it is a book that was a gift, or I have read before and I had to have in my collection. (or they are for school)

So which do you have the most of? Do you buy used books? Or do yours have to be new. Do you still use the Library?


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  1. I go Used or go home ! I have two used bookstore within in 10 miles of where I live and I use store credit when I can.I only by new if it's on the bargain section of Books-A-Million or if I pre-order 25$ worth to get free shippingSometimes Amazon and have crazy shipping prices I don't want to pay.I use the library if I'm not sure about the book, it's a good place to grab random books !

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