Fury Giveaway By: The Compulsive Reader


 The compulsive reader is having a giveaway. Go check out their blog here. Post what you’ve done on their post. It’s that easy.

Have you ever been so angry or so hurt, that all you can picture in your head are various acts of revenge?

It’s okay to say yes. I think we all have revenge fantasies at times–we just don’t always act on those impulses. Sometimes just imagining revenge can make you feel better–and that’s where Elizabeth Miles’ debut novel, Fury, comes in!
Fury is the story of two teens in Ascension, Maine who have made a few not-so-smart choices with huge consequences. When they begin seeing three beautiful girls–the Furies–they have no idea what sort of retribution is in store for them. I thought this was an excellent book, and you can read my review here.
Thanks to the generosity and awesome-ness of Paper Lantern Lit, I’m going to be giving away a pretty cool prize: a signed copy of Fury, a “Revenge is Sweet” tee (see the pic–isn’t it great?), and you’ll be a part of an exclusive chat session with Elizabeth Miles herself! Awesome, right?
So, here’s what you can do to win this prize: Comment on this post! It’s as simple as that! But, you can also get extra entries by doing a few other things, including…

  • Tweeting this contest with a link to this post and twitter handle (@compelledtoread)
  • Posting about this contest on Facebook, tumblr, or your own blog with a link to this post
  • Posting your own revenge story (true or not, and it can be anonymous)
  • Posting what question you’d ask Elizabeth Miles if you won a place in the chat session
  • Referring a friend! For every person you refer (make sure they let me know in the comments!) you get another entry!

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